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The Diplomatic Academy Language Centre together with the Russian and Slavic Languages Department have designed General and Specialised Courses for embassy and consular staff, businessmen and staff of international organizations.

Over the last years the Russian language courses have been attended by the embassy staff of Angola, Japan, Kuwait, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland as well as citizens of China, Germany, Ireland and other countries.


  • Intensive course (72-144 academic hours)
  • One-year course (480-760 academic hours)
  • Two-year-course (960-1200 academic hours)
  • Russian for diplomatic staff and politicians. B1 Level (100 academic hours)
  • Russian for diplomatic staff and politicians. B2 Level (150 academic hours)

Classes are available for individuals and mini-groups. We also run groups of five or more students as part of specialised programmes for embassies and companies. The schedule and location are negotiated with clients. On completing the course students receive the Diplomatic Academy Certificate of Proficiency in Foreign Languages.

100 Hours Group Tuition
₽ 40 000 / per student
100 Hours Group Tuition
₽ 44 000 / per student
60 Hours Mini-group Tuition
₽ 39 000 / per student
Mini-group Tuition
(2 students)
₽ 1 200 1 hour / per student
Individual Tuition ₽ 2 000 / 1 hour

[email protected]

53/2, Ostozhenka st., building 1, office 100A, Moscow

Наша организация предлагает купить диплом высшее образование по вашему желанию, недорого.